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Six Structural Triangles

Triangle 1 Benefits: Slenderizes your feet and ankles with strong muscular support for the four arches of your feet; allows for flexible unlocked ankles at the ready to absorb shock from movement; reshapes your inner and outer calf muscles; strengthens your inner thigh, core gluteal, and lower abdominal muscles; allows your toes and feet to function as a "second heart"; narrows your hips; creates the "walk the line" gait of fast-running athletes and fashion models.

A strong communication exists between your vestibular apparatus (the hearing and body position sensor of the inner ear) and proprioceptors at every joint, tendon, and muscle of your feet. With twenty-six bones in your feet, you have many proprioceptors that send information to your brain and improve balance. If your feet are rigid and not properly aligned, your brain will receive a minimum amount of information; this is similar to closing your eyes while you're trying to see what's in front of you.

Many children naturally have Triangle 1 foot alignment- that is, until they begin to copy their adult role models, who have lost their natural stance. They also have good balance sense from fun opportunities that develop their sense of balance, such as swinging, spinning, and turning upside down on monkey bars. Perhaps we should continue to play at playgrounds as adults, also!


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